How Long Do I Have to Wear Braces?

Patients just starting their journey toward a straight teeth smile, ask similar questions: how long will I have to wear braces? Although the average time with braces is about 24 months, each patient will have a different treatment time depending upon their teeth’ alignment.

How Long Do I Have To Wear Braces?

The total amount of time you will have braces rely on a variety of factors, like age, bite issues, the type of treatment, and the determination to follow the instructions of your orthodontist.

1. The Age Factor

The jaw and teeth of younger patients do not stop developing, making the teeth arches and supporting jaw structure shapeable. Children and teens tend to have briefer periods of orthodontic treatment as their jaws are still developing. Past youth, the jaw, and teeth are not so easily maneuvered into a new place. The jawbones, permanent teeth, and supporting structures are typically in their final positions by the time one attains adulthood. It is one reason why getting orthodontic treatment at a young age provides some patients with so many benefits, especially in treatment time.

While teens and children typically need around 18 months of orthodontic treatment, depending upon the type of braces, adults may need two years or more to shift the teeth into a fully straightened position. However, some adults have shorter or longer treatment duration depending on each case and taking into consideration other factors as well.

2. Severe Bite Issues

For many orthodontic patients, the issue is not only crooked teeth but malocclusion. Also known as a bite that does not fit well, malocclusion occurs when the top and bottom rows of teeth do not match up perfectly. It could mean an overbite condition where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth, crossbite where some teeth do not match up, or underbite when the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth.

Bite corrections are across-the-board. Orthodontists in Woodbridge will use elastics and palate expanders with your braces to achieve a more even bite. Wearing your elastics and accurately using all oral appliances will speed up your treatment period.

3. Type Of Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional metal braces are the most affordable and effective method of correcting crooked teeth. Metal braces can shorten your treatment time compared to other types of treatment. Ceramic braces are much more attractive to the eye and will have equal timing to traditional braces. Other methods like Invisalign clear aligners will take more time to correct your teeth, but they are suitable for minimal adjustments needed to align a smile. Adults choose clear aligners for straightening teeth, as they fit best with their lifestyle and are not as evident as metal braces.

Consult  Woodbridge Orthodontist

Finally, ensure to follow all instructions for maintenance set by your Woodbridge orthodontist for an even smile. Those who do not follow instructions end up with more appointments and a longer treatment time. Those instructions are there for a reason! Be sure to keep your braces properly to guarantee a successful orthodontic treatment. Feel free to contact the Woodbridge orthodontist if you have any more queries; request an appointment.

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