Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces

If you’ve been told that you need braces in order to correct your bite or straighten your teeth, you have a few options. The most common types of braces are metal braces and ceramic braces. There are some basic differences in these two types of braces and some benefits to each choice. In this post, we’ll discuss metal braces vs ceramic braces, to help you find the best fit for your individual needs.

Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces

There are several resources to help you make an informed decision on your choice of braces. There are pros and cons to ceramic braces, and Colgate offers an excellent article on both options. Here, we’d like to give you a quick overview of the two types of braces. Your orthodontist’s recommendation is going to be the most accurate for your individual needs. In some cases, one type of therapy will be more beneficial for your oral health.

What about metal braces vs ceramic braces for functionality? Both are very similar in function. The braces themselves are positioned on the teeth with wires that can be adjusted in order to gradually alter your bite.

Ceramic braces are often used for their aesthetic appeal. They can be clear in color and are less noticeable. This might be an option when the person is self-conscious about wearing braces. However, there are some cons to ceramic braces. For instance, ceramic braces are not as durable and may break more easily than metal braces. This means that they will need to be repaired, which can make the straightening process take longer.

Ceramic braces may also be slightly more expensive than metal braces.

Most dental plans do not cover braces, though you can enroll in an extra orthodonture policy to help alleviate this expense. Some people will also make payment arrangements and pay them out of pocket. Typically metal braces might run anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. Ceramic braces might run slightly higher.

If you’re interested in ceramic or metal braces to improve your bite, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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