Can Invisalign Fix a Gap in Teeth?

Can Invisalign Fix a Gap?

Invisalign can help straighten and improve your smile — but can Invisalign fix gaps? Learning more about tooth gaps and how Invisalign works can help you discover if this treatment is right for you.

What are Tooth Gaps?

According to Cal Dental USA, teeth gaps are just what they sound like– spaces between teeth that are wider than usual. These are not missing teeth, but teeth that are spaced further apart than usual. You can have one gap or several, every individual is different.

When you have a gap in one area, you may have crowding in another, which can lead to bite issues. Crowding can also increase your risk of periodontal disease, as it can be hard to properly brush and care for crowded teeth. Can Invisalign fix a gap and repair your teeth and bite? Fixing the gap and evening out your tooth spacing will help reduce this risk.

Fixing a Gap with Invisalign

According to experts at Invisalign, this approach is a good one for those with average teeth gaps; most people with spacing issues are candidates for Invisalign. If you have a skilled provider, you’ll be able to use this product to conveniently and safely beautify your smile. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you if Invisalign can fix a gap in your smile.

Can Invisalign Fix a Gap: How Long Does it Take for Invisalign to Work on Gaps?

According to Wardlaw Orthodontics, the more severe the gap is, the longer it will take to resolve. Someone with a very large gap will need to use Invisalign for a longer period of time than someone with only minor spacing issues.

Boost your Confidence and Find out if Invisalign Can Fix a Gap in your Teeth

People with large tooth gaps may feel self-conscious — and may smile less frequently than someone with straight teeth. Once the gap is closed, the confidence boost can create a whole new outlook — and give you something to smile about. Get in touch with us at Lake Ridge Orthodontics if you are concerned about tooth gaps and discover what Invisalign can do for you.