Different Ways of Determining Whether an Invisalign is Right for You

The craze for Invisalign is taking the dental world by storm. Due to this reason. Many patients are already trying to get one for themselves. However, it is essential to understand that many Invisalign must be chosen wisely. Otherwise, you might face issues in the future. Indeed, the popularity of Invisalign is gradually increasing since it is considered the easiest and the most comfortable option for fixing orthodontic problems.

Many people these days want to fix their teeth without letting the world know about it. Due to this reason, they opt for the Invisalign transparent retainers to fix their problems.  However, it is vital to understand that Invisalign is definitely not for everyone. Although consulting with an Invisalign provider is the only solution, there are certain factors that you need to keep in your head.

Things You Need to Fix and Whether it is Severe.

It is the first and the foremost determinant to determine whether you are the right candidate for an Invisalign. After all, Invisalign cannot fix any severe problems.  Problems like large overbites require advanced orthodontic procedures for shifting your jaw.  Therefore, if your problem has not become too severe, Invisalign can treat multiple issues such as crowded teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, and much more.

Once your case becomes too severe or complicated, you must opt for other treatment options such as clear braces or traditional braces. You can take help from your orthodontist regarding other alternative options.

Your age

Invisalign is just the right option for older teenagers as well as adults. But kids and young teenagers are definitely not good candidates as their teeth are still growing. Older teenagers, as well as adults, enjoy Invisalign since it is transparent. After all, teenagers have to deal with enough discomfort, and worrying about the braces will be an extra thing.

Teenagers have to go to schools, proms, and other places. For that, it is better to opt for transparent options. Similarly, adults feel the same thing, although they don’t carry the same self-consciousness, unlike teenagers. Therefore, dentists in Woodbridge always ask about the age before recommending Invisalign.

Your Dedication Towards Fixing Smile

Invisalign is one of the most accessible options. However, such treatments come with various options, which other orthodontics never provide, which is you can remove them. Hence, you have to remove the aligners while eating and drinking. Apart from these, Invisalign has to be in your mouth for not less than 22hours.

Many orthodontists ask the patients to opt for the retainers after removing the braces. But, it is not uncommon for the patients to neglect their post-treatment obligations. As a result, teeth start shifting their position before the treatment begins. The same thing applies to Invisalign, which means if you are not dedicated, the treatment won’t work.

Invisalign in Woodbridge

If you are worried about changing the alignment of your teeth, Invisalign is your solution. An orthodontist can recommend you the best solution for your problem in Woodbridge. Contact us for booking an appointment today!

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