Everything You Need To Know About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

So you have crooked teeth? It’s never late to correct your smile! You can always opt for adult orthodontic treatment and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of! Nearly one in four orthodontic patients is an adult, so you are definitely not alone. The adult orthodontic treatment in Woodbridge gives you a better bite, smile, and protection.

What Are The Different Adult Orthodontic Options?

Due to the advanced technology, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can select from traditional braces to clear aligners and choose the best option that will be easy to fit into your lifestyle. Moreover, you can always consult an orthodontist in Woodbridge who will not only help you select but also provide you with the different treatment options mentioned below.

  1. Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have been used for many years and are still popular today because of their efficiency and results. It can treat severe conditions like severely crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth, etc. They are made of high-grade stainless steel material and use bands, wires, and brackets to slowly shift your teeth into the right position.

  1. Clear Braces

You can also opt for clear braces which are made of ceramic or plastic and can blend into your teeth making them hardly visible. Although they function just like the traditional braces they Re more susceptible to damage than metal braces.

  1. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are metal braces that fit behind your teeth i.e. they fit along the tongue side of your teeth, which makes them almost invisible. They are a great option if you want a discreet way to correct your smile. The Orthodontist in Woodbridge will customize the brackets, and wires, and places them behind your teeth. This will fit your unique smile with precision and give you a straight smile.

  1. Clear Aligners

If you don’t want fixed traditional braces, clear aligners serve as an alternative Adult orthodontic treatment where the aligners are removable. They are a series of customized plastic trays that have to be worn for 22 hours every day. Every tray from the series of trays will shift your teeth into the correct position and help you achieve the smile of your dreams all while remaining discreet!

Am I Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment?

You are never too old to achieve the perfect smile! While there are many factors taken into consideration while selecting an orthodontic treatment, your age is just a number! Adult orthodontic care in Woodbridge, VA, can help you achieve a beautiful smile in your sixties as well.

How Is Orthodontic Treatment Different As An Adult?

Even though you are never too old for orthodontic treatment, there are a few factors that make the process of treatment a bit different. For instance, adults come to have the benefit of a growing jar, therefore some may require jaw surgery to achieve their ideal smile. If surgery isn’t required for your condition, your treatment will be longer in the future.

As an adult, your oral health is also an important factor before getting orthodontic treatment. If you have dental issues such as gum disease, missing teeth, or restorations, it can affect your from receive the best treatment and can affect the outcome.

Which Adult Orthodontic Treatment Is Best?

When it comes to selecting the right treatment that is best for your smile, you need to visit a board-certified orthodontist. This way you can be sure you are in the right hands and you have found an orthodontist who cares about your smile just as much as you.

There are different factors to consider before getting your adult orthodontic treatment in Woodbridge such as the severity of your dental issue, your budget, your oral health, hygiene, etc. You can always discuss your concerns and the results you desire with your orthodontist who will understand and create a personalized treatment plan

The Best Orthodontist In Woodbridge

If you are worried about your crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth smile, visit our dental office today to get the best adult orthodontic treatment in Woodbridge. Our board-certified orthodontist will work with you to create a customized treatment plan while providing budget-friendly options. Contact us now or book an appointment with the best orthodontist in Woodbridge to get your perfect smile!

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